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An dieses Gedicht habe ich mich kürzlich wieder erinnert und es sogar noch auf meinem Laptop gefunden. Ich habe es vor nicht ganz einem Jahr geschrieben, also kurz nach meiner Erkrankung. Vielleicht magst du es lesen, vielleicht fühltest du dich einmal ähnlich oder genau so.


Suddenly you feel different

Suddenly you can’t see well anymore

Suddenly you are in hospital

Suddenly a cardiologist tells you: diabetes typ 1

Suddenly a world breaks down

Suddenly you wish you were someone else

Suddenly you think about „why“; Why you!?!?

Suddenly all bad things ever happened to you pop into your mind

Suddenly you are crying, every day – life is bad

Bad?!? No, stop! Why do I think like this?

Suddenly there is a glance of hope

Other people can live with this desease. Why shouldn’t I?

Apart from that, there is worse in life, isn’t it?

Slowly I’m glad it’s not something else I’m suffering of.

Slowly I think about the good things in life.

Slowly I think about all the nice people caring for me.

Suddenly I’m thankful for everything I have.

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. I’ll try doing it... but can I drink it?!?

I don’t want to push my sugars to high;)

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